Authorisations / certifications / safety.

Basically anyone can register for a course, but that doesn’t necessarily say anything about what the participant really has learnt.
Since safety in rope access primarily lies on the individual rope access worker and his or her safety routines, experience and attitude, it is a worldwide requirement and expectation to hold a valid internationally approved rope access authorization-certificate with publically available certification requirements to be able to work safely with rope access.

Scan-Ropes training and courses authorize the participants according to international rope access standards.
Both PRAT®- and SPRAT-authorizations have to be renewed every third year.
This helps to keep the rope access workers updated with the latest pratctices and knowledge and ensures, that he/she also can perform even the more complicated rescue techniques, which luckily are used very rarely in everyday rope access.

More about the PRAT®- authorization/certification.

You can see the PRAT® Certification Requirements here.

More about the SPRAT- authorization/certification.

You can see the SPRAT Certification Requirements here.

Scan-Rope® offers training and authorizations within rope access which meet the highest industry safety standards, and through our participation in a range of international meetings and sessions, and of course due to our work within in the two rope access systems, that we offer, you can be sure to get a rope access education, which always is up to date and meets the highest safety standards for rope access.

Our instructors are authorized at the highest level within the two different systems, which also is a guarantee for you to get an education on the highest level of competence and safety.

We look forward to meeting and climbing with you.

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