About Scan-Rope®

Scan-Rope® is the Scandinavian trainingcentre for rope access and rescue at height etc.
Our 500 square meter trainingcenter offers perfect background for your rope access training.
The trainingcentre is located in an old sugarfactory, right outside of Helsingborg in Sweden, just an hours drive from Kastrup International Airport and Copenhagen.

As the first in Scandinavia ScanRope® offer internationally approved rope access authorizations and certifications in association with Klatre-Centeret.

Klatre-Centeret is Denmarks and Swedens largest and oldest professional school for climbing and rope access.
The owner, Christian Almer, has been climbing actively since 1977 and since 1990 he has been teaching climbing full time.

Within rope access Christian has the highest authorization level in the PRAT®-system.
Also he is both Supervisor (level III) and Evaluator in the SPRAT-system.
Apart from this, Klatre-Centeret is training comany in SPRAT, and ScanRope can thus offer training and authorizations at all levels of SPRAT.

- Your friend in high places....