Rope Access

gives access to a range of different work sites, which would otherwise be impossible, difficult or too expensive to access with traditional means.

Rope access is performed whilst the rope access worker is belayed from and attached to two different rope systems, which are independent; one working rope and one back-up rope.
Together with a rigorous training in how to use the rope access gear the authorized rope access worker can conduct rope access work in the safest way possible.

Modern equipment and techniques for rope access together with a professional and demanding education with authorization makes rope access a fast, cheap, efficient, smooth and safe method of work.
Rope access can offer swift and fast solutions in places which would otherwise be difficult or impossible to access and often rope access is even in considerably more cost effective, compared to traditional methods like ladders, scaffolding, cranes, skylifts and so on.

Rope access often offers a much faster and smoother solution than any alternative. Especially when it comes to inspections, servicing and minor construction- and reapir jobs, rope access can be an extremely competitive option.

- Your friend in high places....